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Communication is ubiquitous. Everyone is constantly exposed to communication efforts from various sources and through a multitude of channels. Companies and organisations of any kind, be it for-profit or non-profit, strive for their share of voice.

While all of us hardly have the capacity to recognise, let alone consume all the information we are subject to, some of it however, we do absorb, understand and even appreciate. That is because messaging which is coherent, relevant and timely makes all the difference.

We at The Limelight Global are determined to assist our clients in achieving this goal of their voice being recognised by an audience relevant to them. The channels we believe in are the most effective in creating value for communicators and adding value to audiences – Public Relations, Media Relations, Movie and TV integration & Social Media

Our Services

We at The Limelight Global will enhance your PR, but we are not an ordinary agency. We shape and re-define your most effective communication channels, but we are not in advertising. We look at the bigger picture and set you up for success.

Communication Strategy

Communications Strategy Development

We first listen, and learn about you, before creating and implementing an integrated and bespoke communications strategy, which will provide the framework and tools for your re-energized communications efforts. Peace of mind ever after.

TV Movie Integration

Motion Picture & TV Location Integration

If you have always dreamed of eternizing your location or brand in a TV show or a movie? We can make it happen! We have worked with TV shows and movie studios globally for 200+ productions and are ready to put your brand on ‘celluloid’.

Hospitality PR

Hotel Pre-Opening and Launch Communication

The pre-opening phase and launch of a hotel is an exciting and defining time for future success. We assist you in engaging your target audience early to create aspiration for your future guests. We have opened hotels on different continents and are ready to roll up our sleeves.

Andrea Krenn, Founder & Managing Director

Andrea is a communication professional with over 20 years of corporate and agency experience covering various industries such as tourism, hospitality, aviation, technology and exhibitions. By founding The Limelight Global communications consultancy she is combining her passion for communications, travel and Motion Pictures. Preceding her new venture, Andrea’s most recent positions were VP PR & Communications at Dubai Tourism and VP Public Relations & Motion Picture Relations at Atlantis, The Palm resort in Dubai.

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