Profile Andrea Krenn

Born and raised in Austria, Andrea has from an early age discovered her passion for reading and her creativity, passed on to her and nurtured by her artist mother who is a painter. Early during her formative years, she embraced her passion for story telling which led to studying mass communication at the University of Vienna, the American University and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC, graduating with a master’s degree.

Bitten by the travel bug at 17, she has since visited 60+ countries for both business and pleasure and continuously embraces inspiration wherever it might occur. Her relocation to Dubai in 2008 led to the wonderful opportunity of combining her expertise in communications with the passion for travel.

She has developed her PR expertise moving through the ranks in agencies and the corporate world, where she held various exciting leadership positions such as Vice President Corporate Communications and spokesperson for T-Mobile in Austria, before giving in to the desire to work abroad.

Heading the Travel&Leisure department in the Dubai office of a renowned global PR agency, supporting a range of clients across the travel and hospitality sector, Andrea established herself as a PR stronghold in the travel media industry. Returning to the corporate world as VP Public Relations & Motion Picture Relations at Atlantis, The Palm, where her relentless effort to promote the resort vitally contributed to its continued success.

Being awarded PR/Marketing Person of the Year by Hotelier Middle East, her sweeping approach to Public Relations and communications through intensive media engagement, social media influencer cooperations and liaising with major movie and TV production companies worldwide, were recognized by the hospitality industry.

Leading the PR and Communications department of Dubai Tourism allowed for expanding her reach from a single tourism entity to a whole destination, and in this case one of the leading travel destinations in the world.

She is passionate about brands and is constantly looking for new and unique ways to position them and support their growth. With over 10 years experience in tourism and hospitality, opening hotels in destinations such as Dubai, Kuwait and China, she lives and breathes service orientation and is solution driven in whatever she does.

Today, Andrea has proudly managed merging her passions for PR, travel and Motion Pictures into one exciting venture – The Limelight Global.